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Homes that leaves lasting impression

LINCOLN offers unique and distinctive accommodation, in which light and space are key features. Its contemporary decorative feel, together with high windows, allows sunlight to pour into the apartment, giving an elevated, overwhelming sense of space.

Set in the heart of Colombo with few minutes walk to Victoria Park, these apartments are perfectly located to enjoy all that Colombo has to offer.

Luxury Apartments
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A place to call home..

Room to relax

An intimate and comfortable sanctuary, a Lincoln bedroom is a haven. As a place where many people like to relax and unwind, whether a refreshing shower or a quiet read, we made every effort to ensure that the bedroom is complete with high-end amenities.
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Attention to details

At Lincoln there are no short-cuts, no compromises and the quality throughout is only of the highest standard. We understand that in today's world people demand the best and have very exacting requirements which is why we make every effort to impress, indulge and create homes with the "wow" factor.
Make your memories..

Apartments as individual as you are

Living spaces in Lincoln are the focal point of each apartment as the kitchen flows into the living areas providing a tranquil space to relax and unwind.

Lincoln delivers a home that you can feel comfortable in and enjoy for many years to come. designs are fresh, stylish and timeless allowing you and the apartment to grow together.


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Why Choose Luxury Lincoln Apartments?

Modern, yet filled with character, the apartments are built with only the best products and materials. The unmatched levels of quality within LINCOLN make the apartments stand out from the rest as a shining example of what can be achieved if you combine vision with first-rate construction and premium design.

Aesthetically pleasing, secure and exemplifying what modern living is all about, Lincoln is an address that is waiting to be made home.